Cowry Solution Accelerators

Cowry Solutions Accelarators

We offer a number of technology solutions that help accelerate organizational adoption and use of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

These solutions include both industry/vertical solutions and specific solution accelerators

Industry Solutions

Do you have a specific business industry or vertical? Benefit from the available industry solutions:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Supply Chain (Blockchain enabled) 

Solution Accelerators


Our Solution Accelerators deliver enhanced functionality and increased performance, and are available nowhere else:

  • Customer Engagement/Value
  • Asset Management (Blockchain enabled) 
  • CryptoIncluded TM
  • Lightning TM for Business Central:
    • Company Multi-view TM
    • Company Consolidate TM
    • Visual Inventory Mapper TM
    • Advanced AI Resource Management TM
    • DSO Optimizer TM