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With an unparalleled commitment to success, Cowry Solutions offers a complete solution offering with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accelerate your success, optimize business processes and with a trusted partner.

Our Mission

To solve business challenges and accelerate collaboration with technology.


Our Leadership / Team

Marc Wolenik founder and CEO has been recognized as an expert in Dynamics by Microsoft having received the coveted Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award in 2010. Marc founded and built Webfortis – a professional services and products company based in San Francisco dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Marc and his team were responsible for hundreds of successful implementations of Microsoft Dynamics for enterprises and businesses of all sizes before being acquired in January of 2013.

With the launch of Business Central from Microsoft, Cowry Solutions offers a diverse team and skills. All of our resources are certified (both by Microsoft and internally) and have years of experience working with technology and business solutions.

With the founding of Cowry Solutions in 2018, the pursuit for superior solutions and business collaboration continues.



With over 5 publications on Microsoft Dynamics, Integration and Blockchain subjects, we have built a reputation on knowing not just the product, but the product roadmap and options best for your company.

Benefit from our experience.


Do you have a passion for technology and a desire to learn something new? Our success comes from our people and we invest heavily in these four areas:

  • Training
  • Readiness
  • Change
  • Culture

Cowry Solutions offers competitive salaries, generous benefits and a highly sought after bonus program. If you think you have the desire to move at the pace of todays technology, then we’d love to hear from you.

To apply, simply send a CV and cover letter to us at careers@cowrysolutions.com.

Dynamics 365 Customer Success

With over 2 million users on Microsoft Dynamics, Customer Success is paramount.

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